Thursday, December 30, 2010

Four meals from one roast pork

For Christmas, we picked up 1.5kg of boneless rolled pork loin. Since there were only two of us, and we were conscious of the custard, cheesecake and triple brie to come, we managed to stretch our pork over several meals.

Roast pork and vegies
For Christmas lunch, the pork was roasted with garlic, rosemary and peach at high heat for the first 20 minutes and then a moderate heat for the remaining 60 minutes. We also filled another roasting pan with sweet potato, potato and onion. These went into the same oven at the 60 minute mark.

Pork and vegetables wraps
A small amount of the leftover pork and vegetables (just enough for taste) with some cream cheese and apple sauce were wrapped up in flat bread for a quick and light lunch.

Pork pies
Again, the pork and remaining vegetables were warmed up in the fry pan. We added 1 tsp cornflour, a little white wine (2-3tbl) and approx the same amount of water to make enough sauce to bind everything together. Puff pastry lined and topped four little pie dishes. These were baked at 180C for 25 minutes (until the pastry was brown and crispy). If I wasn't already sold on the beauty of a big single roast and it's leftovers by now, I certainly was after this dish. It was so simple and so incredible!

Pork pasta
The final dish. The remaining pork was warmed up in the pan with olive oil, and combined with sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini, shallots, fresh rosemary and white wine to make a light pasta.

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